Race: Dtorv [Fate Core]

You’ve seen some Dtorvs in action, and you have learned a little about their physiology and make up. Now, you have a chance to play one in your own tabletop game. Below are two—that’s right: two—variations on using the Dtorv as a race in a Fate Core campaign.

Profession/Race from the Fate System Toolkit (pgs 40-43)


Bigger Picture, Clay Homonculus, Dragon Crafted, Heart of a Hero, Titan’s Blood*

You may use the Dtorv skill to recognize craftsmanship, know where the four cardinal directions are while underground, or resist fire/heat. In addition, pick one of the following flavors; you can pick more at the cost of one stunt or refresh point.

Cooperation: You may use Dtorv in place of a skill when Creating an Advantage for someone else to use.

Endure: You may use Dtorv instead of Physique for endurance based rolls.

Racial Skill Mode from the Fate System Toolkit (pgs 29-31)

Aspect: Dtorv

*Titans are a dtorvin concept that has not yet been explained in other publications. Keep an eye out for it.

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