Race: Dtorv [Savage Worlds]

I have never played Savage Worlds, but the game mechanics intrigue me. It feels like something between a d20 game and a Cortex game. Because Savage Worlds is a generic system, you can play in the fantasy genre with it! Ergo, I give you the statistics of playing a Dtorv in Savage Worlds.


Endure: Dtorvs start with a Vigor stat of d6.

Construct: While not the typical construct, dtorvs are molded from earth and clay before they can grow like organic races. This gives them all the benefits of being a construct, as found in the Bestiary section of the Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition.

Pace 5: Dtorvs are stockier than humans, giving them a slight disadvantage to speed.

Earth Creature: Treat pure water as acid. While rain can be merely painful, a downpour can be dangerous and falling into a river would be fatal.

Skin is Earth Deep: Dtorvs gain a +2 bonus to resist all negative environmental effects.

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