The Ancient Ruins of the West Wood: ZOMBIES!

Twisted Tunnels: Rooms 4, 5, and 64. Restless Cavern
This was the site of a fierce battle between a squad of goblins, and the adventuring guild members now turned hostage. The adventurers were lucky to get out of there with only a single casualty.

When the player characters approach the chamber, read:

A chamber opens up ahead of you, divided by three natural stone pillars that reach to the ceiling surrounding the center. A single, large stalagmite sits in the southeast corner. You can make out an exit on the far side of the chamber. The smell of decay engulfs your senses as several shambling corpses come into view.

The room contains seven, unawakened goblin corpses, along with four goblin zombies, and a high elf zombie dressed in armor adorned with imagery dedicated to the sun god, Solm. This zombie was once Rolen Amakiir, companion to Varsuvius Grandis and his adventuring group. A barbed arrow is embedded in this zombie’s skull, above his left temple.

Treasure. Rolen is wearing a breastplate adorned with Solm imagery. About 2d8 + 3 usable barbed arrows can be found amongst the corpses. The goblins collectively have 30 gp, 27 sp, and 72 cp.

Custom Alternative. In the Arthenil setting, Rolen Amakiir worsphips the neutral good god of the sun. Have his armor reflect that he worships a similar god in your campaign as he was a member of a (mostly) good aligned party.

5. A Quiet Grave
This was the site of a clash between goblins and the Clan Arcanaxe expedition.

The tunnel opens into a chamber roughly the same size as the last, but clear of most pillars save for one off to the side in the South. A ledge rises above reach in the North, only to descend as the cavern wall bends South. The smell of rotting meat still clings to you and the sounds of shuffling feet echo off the walls.

A DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check determines that the sound is coming from the tunnel on the far side of the chamber.

Goblin and dwarven corpses litter the floor. Six are goblin zombies and another six are dwarven zombies, all hiding among the corpses awaiting prey. A DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check allows a character to notice that some of the corpses have turned. The zombies rise only if they are attacked, or a character has made it halfway into the room.

Corpses. The number of fallen bodies in this room make the lower section of the chamber difficult terrain.

Treasure. Characters can find 25 gp, 12 ep, and 70 cp.

6. Knock, Knock
A lone dwarven zombie uselessly beats at a door leading South to the Dwarven Barricade (Room 3). He is fully impaled by a spear and is entangled in a rope with a grappling hook tied to the end.

Spear. The spear in the zombie appears to have come from above when it pierced him in the chest, and exited above his hips behind him. It is easy to determine that this is what originally killed the dwarf.


Goblin Zombies. These zombies are smaller than the provided zombies, making them harder to hit. Use the Zombie monster statistics in the DM DnD Basic Rules v0.03, page 52, but alter its Armor Class and Hit Points to reflect its smaller size. Goblin zombies have an AC of 10, and 19 (3d6 + 9) Hit Points.

High Elf Zombie. This is the walking remains of a high elf adventuring cleric. Use the Zombie statistics in the DM DnD Basic Rules v0.03, page 52, but alter its Armor Class to reflect the armor it wears. The high elf zombie has an Armor Class of 12 (breastplate), but has disadvantage to all checks, saves, and attack rolls made with Strength or Dexterity as it is no longer proficient in wearing the armor.

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