The Ancient Ruins of the West Wood: Goblin Guardians

Twisted Tunnels: Room 77. Goblin Southern Watch
Ever since the battle that took place in Room 4, the goblins have left guards at this location, watching the small cliff.

If the PCs approach from the South, read:

The ceiling of the tunnel rises to accommodate for the high cliff face blocking your way to the North.

If characters make too much noise in this area, the goblins will enact a surprise round as the first character climbs to 10 feet off the ground.

Cliff. The cliff is 15 feet high and is a DC 15 to climb. Player characters can gain advantage to the check with a properly anchored rope.

If the player characters enter from the northwest passage, or climb the cliff without interruption, read:

You see a large chamber running North and South. Two huge natural stone pillars stand scattered in the center of the chamber amongst three human-sized stalagmites. You can make out additional tunnels leading out just on the edges of your vision.

If the goblins have not been alerted to the characters’ presence, read:

Two, large furry humanoids lean against the northern pillar as their minions, four green-skinned goblins, bicker over a dice game in the center of the chamber. A handful of spears line the walls near the South.

Tactics. When the four goblins notice someone at the South cliff, they take the spears (12) and throw them down at their unsuspecting victims. The two bugbears sit back and watch. If the goblins are slain before the player characters breach the cliff, the bugbears attempt an ambush between the two pillars.

Treasure. One of the bugbears carries a vial of red liquid (potion of healing), and the other is wearing a Ring of Protection. Among the goblins, characters can find 12 sp, and 45 cp. Six six-sided dice made of bone rest in the center of the chamber.

The Northwest Passage. If it is daytime, the passage leading to Rooms 7 and 8 emits a dim, natural light. It is brightest in the late afternoon hours.

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