The Ancient Ruins of the West Wood: The Goblin King

Twisted Tunnels: Rooms 13 and 1413. The King’s Chamber

When the player characters are approaching the gate, read:

The tunnel curves suddenly to the right, where a double door gate that is seemingly constructed from bone blocks your path. Two giant stalagmites flank the gate, and any other gap leading into the chamber beyond is blocked with mortared stone or a rotting goblin corpse. Guarding the gate are two goblins wielding spears and dressed in what must pass as ornamental armor.

Guards. The two goblins posted here haven’t seen combat in a long time and are wearing ridiculous armor made from found objects, like pots or pans. They are wielding spears, and their armor, while adding +1 to their Armor Class, restricts their movement, giving them disadvantage on all checks, saves, and attacks made with Strength or Dexterity. They also carry large horns, constructed from the horns of a goat.

If the goblins are approached by a character instead of attacked, read:

The guards cross their spears to block your entrance, but appear visibly shaken. Sweat drips off the nose of one goblin as it nervously commands, “N-none shall pass save for those deemed fit by the King!”

The guards are surprised to see that an enemy combatant has survived the second defense post. They put up minimal defense and can be easily frightened away if threatened with death.

Gate. If examined with a DC 10 Wisdom (Nature) check or a DC 15 Wisdom (Medicine) check, a character can determine that the gate is made from the bones of at least 12 different species of forest animal. It is barred from the other side so only a blow from the horn of a guard, or a DC 20 Strength check can open the gate. The gate can also be destroyed after taking 15 hit points worth of damage. It is resistant against piercing weapons, and is vulnerable to bludgeoning weapons.

As the player characters enter the main chamber, read:

Directly ahead of you on the far side of the chamber are two massive, natural stone pillars, between which sits a crowned goblin atop a makeshift platform that puts him above eye level. Flanking the wooden ramp leading up to the platform are two large, dog-like reptilian creatures, heads raised from a napping position. The crowned goblin hops up from his throne of dilapidated junk, his face filled with rage. “I did not summon any pale fleshed ones! How dare you enter without permission of the Great Goblin King!”

Guards. The Goblin King is protected by two guard drakes, and two hobgoblins. He found the drakes as pups in the pit in the South section of the chamber and has raised them himself. They are named “Nibbles” and “Mittens”. The hobgoblins flank the gate on the inside of the chamber, pulling it open toward them when the horns are blown. If the player characters enter peacefully, the hobgoblins close the gates immediately after the characters enter. If the gate is forcibly opened, or the characters decide to attack before the gates are closed, the hobgoblins hide behind the gate doors to ambush the enemy.

The Goblin King. The self proclaimed king of all goblins, Bootex, will not tolerate any mischief from the player characters. Only by playing to his ego can the characters bypass a combat encounter.

The Pit. This 15 foot deep crater, formerly part of the Arelin complex below, emits a faint glow that characters can only notice when within 10 feet of the edge. The southern wall of the pit is a window that cannot be broken, nor moved. Beyond the window is a short, dead end hallway made of Ancient marble. The light comes from an Ancient light crystal hanging from the ceiling on the other side of the window. Two additional guard drakes, larger and meaner than their siblings living above them, live within the pit. They are called “Trasheater” and “Scar”.

Custom Alternatives. If you do not have access to the guard drake statistics, switch them out with the saber-toothed tiger statistics.

14. Breakthrough

A collapsed wall in the tunnel ahead emits a bright light. As you approach, you notice the near seamless white marble of Ancient architecture lining the floors, ceilings, and walls of the hall beyond the breach. Crystalline light fixtures hang from the ceiling emitting a bright, white light.

Light fixtures. These bronze fixtures are attached to the ceiling with small bronze chains. They give power to the ancient light crystal held within them.

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