The Ancient Ruins of the West Wood: Ancient Complex Rift Entrance

Part 2: The Ancient Complex

Verdinan Ruins: Level 2, the Ancient Complex

Built several lifetimes ago by the Ancients, this complex represents both the wonders and the horrors that the long lost race exposed to the mortal world. Experiments were conducted. Sentient and sapient creatures were imprisoned beside wild beasts and monstrosities as if they were not so different. Their arrogance is evident in their craft and their attempts at manipulating the universe.

Within the ruins, the characters are offered several opportunities to free large and powerful creatures. Their decisions in the dungeon could lead to wide spread consequences.

Wandering Monsters

If the players need to take a short or long rest within the Twisting Caverns, or take too long deciding what to do, roll 1d20. Due to the nature of the area, a random encounter only occurs on a roll of 19-20. If one does occur, roll 1d6 and consult the table below to see what creature stumbles upon them in the tunnels.

Random Encounters
Ancient Complex Random Encounter Chart

General Features

The air is old and musty, as if it hasn’t seen much use in centuries, which it hasn’t for the most part. However, the environment is otherwise comfortable to most characters.

Ceilings. The ceilings in this area, unless otherwise noted, reach 10 feet high and are comprised entirely of Ancient white marble.

Doors. Unless otherwise noted, the doors are all double doors, 7 feet wide, with geometric designs carved into its Ancient white marble. The doors are hinged along the top and bottom, allowing them to swing open in either direction.

Walls. A majority of the walls in the complex are composed of the same near-seamless white marble. Shallow and faded geometric designs decorate each stone block. Climbing the walls is a DC 20 Strength (Athletics) check.

Floor. The floors are all made of near-seamless white marble, covered in light, geometric designs. The decorations tend to border each individual block of marble.

Light. About every ten feet, a single bronze fixture hangs from the ceiling with small bronze chains. They give power to the Ancient Light Crystal held within them. The white walls reflect the light easily, allowing everything to be bathed in light.

Keyed Encounters

Check the map for all the keyed locations in level 2 of the Verdinan Ruins, the Ancient Complex.

Ancient Complex: Room 1

1. Rift Entrance

When a player character first enters the hall, read:

You find yourself in a short tunnel lit with a single Ancient light crystal fixture. A massive rift has collapsed the eastern side of the hall, causing it to fill with wind. The double doors to the West are covered in angular Ancient designs.

When a player character first enters the chamber, read:

The Ancient room is lit with crystals that line the walls. Directly ahead, against the far wall, is a raised dais that is only a couple of feet high. On it is a large, intricately drawn runic circle that glows a faint blue.

Light fixtures. These bronze fixtures line the walls and each hold an ancient light crystal. If the crystal is removed, the light is extinguished.

Teleportation circle. This well crafted, rune filled circle glows faintly, but not enough to emit light. A DC 15 Intelligence (Arcana) check reveals it for what it is. If they roll a total of 20 or above, they determine that it is permanently tied to another circle roughly one to two miles North. Standing in the circle for twenty seconds activates the teleportation process. It pulses in bright light with increasing speed until there is a white flash. This circle leads to Room 2.

Plaque. A marble plaque hangs on the wall behind the teleportation circle. It is covered in Ancient script (see Handout 1-2). If translated through magic, it roughly reads “Versimidor Control Room & Teleportation Room”.

Ancient Text 1.1

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