Ancient Ruins of the West Wood: The Black Dragon

Ancient Complex: Rooms 2-42. Deep Into the Ruins

If this is the first time the party has teleported, read:

The bright flash leaves you blind for only a second before your eyes start to adjust.

This room is essentially identical to the teleportation room of Room 1, save for a single light crystal on the ground rather than in its bronze fixture North of the teleportation circle.

Plaque. A marble plaque hangs on the wall behind the teleportation circle. It is covered in Ancient script (see Handout 2-1). If translated through magic, it roughly reads “Lobby & Guest Facilities”.

Ancient Text 2.1

The door leads to a 30′ by 30′ four-way intersection. Each hall ends in double doors. A single light fixture hangs above the center of the intersection.

3. Versimidor Control Room

When the party enters this chamber, read:

You open the door to see a wide chamber illuminated with three crystal fixtures. Next to the doors are various shelving structures, barren and /or destroyed. Across the chamber, the top 3/4ths of the wall is a glass window; the room beyond is filled with darkness. Just below the window, stretched across the entirety of the wall, is a slanted marble panel covered in levers, switches, and dials. Only three sections of the panel are lit, each with a unique combination of switches, dials, and Ancient text.

This room is the place where the Ancients cared for the black dragon, Versimidor, back when he was a wyrmling. He is now ancient and furious about his imprisonment.

Panel 1. The lit panel on the left has Ancient text (see Handout 3-1) that translates into “Lights”.

Ancient Text 3.1

A dial indicates it it is pointing away from a sun-like icon. If the dial on panel 1 is turned to the sun-like icon, read:

The room on the other side of the glass lights up, revealing a massive natural chamber lit with a large cluster of light crystals above. The stalagmite covered floor of the chamber lies far below you, causing you to assume that the room you occupy sits in the center of a great rock wall.

If the party has not encountered Versimidor in his chamber, then read:

Suddenly, a dark form rises from below the window, filling your vision with an impossible wingspan. Its terrible, skull-like head covered in obsidian-black scales and flanked by two long, pointed horns, faces each of you in turn, gazing into your souls with glowing green eyes. Its jaws open, revealing rows of crooked, pointed teeth as it speaks.

The ancient black dragon, Versimidor, speaks in Draconic at first, but knows Common which he learned from a few “play things” that accidentally stumbled into his chamber many years ago.

Versimidor only wishes to be free, lying and making false promises if he has to in order to convince the characters to release him. If he is angered, he roars, pointlessly spraying acid at the window which is not affected by the attack, and flies off.

Panel 2. The center lit panel reads “Feed” in Ancient (Handout 3-2).

Ancient Text 3.2

If the level is pulled, a chute opens just left of the window, extending 12′ into the chamber. A collection of bones clatters down the shoot, whatever livestock that was once fed to Versimidor being long dead.

Panel 3. The right lit panel has Ancient text that reads “Canopy” (Handout 3-3).

Ancient Text 3.3

If the switch is flipped, the entire chamber starts to rattle and stalagtites fall from as a section of the ceiling opens like an iris. Trees, soil, and rocks fall into the chamber from above and Versimidor is freed. He knows this is how he can be released.

Versimidor. This ancient black dragon has spent almost all of his life within this chamber. Merely a wyrmling when he was captured, Versimidor’s first memories are that of the Ancients killing his mother and violently forcing him into the prison that would forever be his home. Since the disappearance of the Ancients, Versimidor has been feeding on whatever accidentally finds itself in his chamber. One such creature, a duergar, begged to be released and promised to send others in its place. In a rare moment of feeling merciful, the great black dragon released the creature and has been receiving tribute in the form of innocent svirfneblin ever since.

4. Destroyed Teleporter

Most of the dais and southwestern corner of the room has been destroyed. A light crystal that once belonged behind the dais is now on the floor in the northwest corner (marked with an X).

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