Ancient Ruins of the West Wood: The Path Splits

Ancient Complex: Room 5

5. Teleportation Junction

You find a wide chamber with a long, raised platform stretched across the back wall. Five plaques mark the positions of five teleportation circles, each glowing the same faint blue.

Circle 1. This circle leads to the experimentation lab in Room 9 where the characters learn a terrible secret. It also has a nice surprise waiting for them at their initial jump. The plaque reads “Research and Development” (see Handout 5-1).

Ancient Text 5.1

Circle 2. This circle leads to Room 13, a larger stretch of the complex, and eventually to the major project lab. The plaque reads “Major Projects” (see Handout 5-2).

Ancient Text 5.2

Circle 3. This circle leads to Room 7 and the energy conversion chamber that contains the power source wanted by the dwarves of Clan Arcanaxe. The plaque reads “Generator” (see Handout 5-3).

Ancient Ruins 5.3

Circle 4. This circle leads to the menagerie in Room 11, a mass collection of animal specimens taken and preserved. The plaque reads “Menagerie” (see Handout 5-4).

Ancient Text 5.4

Circle 5. This circle leafs to the teleportation chamber in Room 6 that can access the Crystal Caverns and Versimidor’s Chamber. The plaque reads “Crew Quarters” (see Handout 5-5).

Ancient Text 5.5

If the power source is removed, the now free creatures of the Menagerie have a chance to escape through this room. Roll a d20. On a result of 15 or higher, a random encounter occurs. Roll 2d6 on the random encounter table below. If you do not have access to the creatures listed, use one with a comparable Challenge Rating.

Random Encounter

Freed Menagerie Encounters

If the party takes too long deciding what to do or rests here, then 1d4 ghouls from Room 9 teleport into the room.

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