Ancient Ruins of the West Wood: Holy Power

Ancient Complex: Room 66. Crystal Caverns Entrance

If this is the first time they’ve entered a teleportation chamber, read the boxed text from Room 1.




Ancient Complex: Rooms 7 and 8

7. Energy Generation Chamber

The teleportation chamber opens to a circular hallway that leads around to a 10′ wide by 10′ high metal door.

When the party sees the door, read:

As you continue to walk around the path, you see that a section of the inner wall ahead is not made of the same white marble, but of metal. Reaching from floor to ceiling, this wide, metallic slab is bare of any Ancient script or design, save for odd, geometric holes sitting waist high in the center of the silvery panel.

Metal Door. The metal slab is, in fact, a door leading to Room 8, without any indication that it can be opened outside of having a few shaped holes (Handout 7-1).

Strange Ancient Pattern

The holes can be identified as a keyhole with a DC 10 Intelligence check. The door can also be picked with a DC 27 Dexterity check. If the key from Room 20 is inserted into the holes, a section of the slab turns with the key. Once unlocked, the door shifts into the Ethereal Plane, leaving the key suspended in midair.

8. Generator Room

You descend the stairs to find a circular chamber barren of furnishings, save for the massive cylinder in the center of the room. Attached to it is a slanted marble slab covered in lights, buttons, and levers. Within the glass cylinder is a large, muscular man with wings draped across his shoulders floating in an unknown liquid. Bio-luminescent lights dance across his opaque blue skin like lightning.

The man in the tube is an “Angel of the Storm”, a planetar to Solm’s tempest domain, that goes by the name Galadil. He was deceived by the Ancients, and imprisioned. He doesn’t remember much after being summoned, save for the tube filling with liquid.

Glass Tube. The thick glass is only warded against damage from the inside. It has AC 3, Damage Reduction 3, Hit Points 15, resistance to slashing, lightning, and radiant damage, and is immune to psychic, poison, and necrotic damage. If the glass is broken, sphere drones teleport into the room from an unknown location. There are a number of them equal to the number of characters in the room.

Control Panel. The slanted marble slab functions as the controls to the tube. A level on the panel sits next to nine unlit lights going down its track and is adjacent to a three by three square of nine buttons, each with Ancient icons on them (see Handout 8-1). These icons are numbers 1 through 9 and if pressed in the correct sequence, allows the lever to empty the entire contents of the tube into the room. The sequence of numbers as presented are 2, 5, 9, 3, 6, 1, 4, 8, and 7. If pressed in numerical order, the level is activated.

Ancient Text 8.1

Galadil. Trapped long ago by the Ancients, Galadil knows who and what they were. He even mentions them by name: Aarakocra. If told about their fate, he may comment about how the world should reek more of death if they all died, even after all this time. He does, however, mention the smell of it coming from another part of the complex, referencing Room 20. Once out of the tube, he is too weak to be of any assistance. He says that he needs to be brought to the surface, to feel the warmth of Solm on his face, in order to find his strength.

Custom Alternative. If you are using the Basic Rules, you will not have access to the planetar (angel) statistics. His abilities are not important as he is weakened and cannot assist the characters in anything they do. All you need to know is that the characters cannot successfully lie to him.

Custom Alternative 2. In this setting, the aarakocra are used as the Ancient race of humanoids. Their name, and the idea of them being bird people, is not common knowledge. In your own setting, you can easily change the identity of the Ancients.

Sphere Drones

tiny construct, neutral

Armor Class 16 (metal shell)

Hit Points 17 (5d4 + 5)

Speed 0 ft., fly 40 ft.

STR 6 (-2) DEX 16 (+3) CON 12 (+1) INT (-3) WIS 16 (+3) CHA 1 (-5)

Saving Throws Dexterity +5

Skills Perception +5

Damage Resistance cold, fire; piercing from non-magical weapons

Damage Immunities lightning, necrotic, poison, and psychic

Condition Immunities blinded, charmes, deafened, frightened, paralyzed, poisoned, and unconscious

Senses blindsight 60 ft., passive Perception 15

Languages understands Ancient

Challenge 1 (+200xp)


Multiattack. The spehere drone makes two slam attacks, or one slam attack and one lightning blast attack.

Slam. Melee Weapon Attack. +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 6 (1d6) bludgeoning damage.

Lightning Blast (rechard 5-6) Ranged Magic Attack: +5 to hit, ranged 30 ft., one target. Hit: 12 (2d8 + 3) lightning damage.

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