Ancient Ruins of the West Wood: A Ghoulish Turn

Ancient Complex: Rooms 9 and 109. Ghoul Infestation

Upon the initial teleportation into the room, read:

The bright flash of the teleportation leave you blinded, until you realize that the true reason behind this blindness is the lack of light in the room.

If a character has darkvision, read:

Your eyes finally adjust and your darkvision activates. You find yourself in the same type of teleportation room as the others, but the light crystals have all been removed and several, lanky, putrid humanoid bodies are sleeping around the dais.

The sleeping creatures are ghouls, six in all plus a ghast.

Start a count at 4. For each loud noise created by the characters, add a point. A failed Dexterity (Stealth) check against the monsters’ passive Perception adds the difference to the count. At 10 points, the ghouls start to wake up. Using the teleportation circle adds four points. For each minute of silence, reduce the count by one. Light in the room adds three.

Ghouls. The ghouls were originally captive humans from the time of the ancients. They do not speak or understand modern Common, but instead speak Ancient Human. They come from the open cell in Room 10. If a character has cast the Comprehend Languages spell, ghouls are all apologizing and mentioning how hungry they are.

Treasure. The ghouls each have 1d8-1 gems worth 1 gp each, 1d6-1 gems worth 5 gp each, and 1d4-1 worth 10 gp each. The ghast has 1d10-1 gems worth 1 gp each, 1d8-1 gems worth 5 gp each, and 1d6-1 worth 10 gp each.

10. Research and Development

The hall is a holding facility for creatures involved in experimentation.

West Pen. The holding pen in the west features an array of goblins of different varieties: green, red, yellow, sandy brown, etc. There are at least ten in total, possibly more in the cave. They are all frozen in time, in suspended animation. One or two are actually in mid-air, jumping between the boulders.

East Pen. The holding pen in the east once held a group of humans until a rare quake cracked the glass at the top of the viewing windows, breaking their suspended animation in the process. As they starved, a group of the humans prayed to demons to save them and were transformed into undead abominations, eating the others and using their new found strength to further destroy the weakened window.

Viewing Windows. The windows have Armor Class 2, Damage Reduction 5, Hit Points 15, resistance to lightning, radiant, and slashing damage, and is immune to necrotic, poisons, and psychic damage.

As the characters look into the far room, read:

The door opens to a small room, illuminated by three large glowing tubes, each filled with luminescent green fluids and a silhouetted humanoid figure.

The three tubes hold the preserved remains of three humanoids: the west tube has a goblin, the east tube has a human, and the center tube has an orc. The implications here are that the Ancients are responsible for the creation of all orc-kind.

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