Ancient Ruins of the West Wood: The Door to the Menagerie

Ancient Complex: Rooms 11 and 1211. The Menagerie

The teleportation room is the same as the others, but leads to a large hall featuring over a hundred varieties of creatures. Each enclosure is the same as those in Room 10, save for small environmental changes such as temperate, ocean, desert, jungle, etc. If the characters want to identify a few monsters, find a couple that are lower, average, and deadly Challenges for their party.

12. The Delivery Room

This room features a large Path Gate that was used to transport captured creatures directly to the menagerie.

When the characters enter the room, read:

The single standing door reveals a chamber with a high ceiling. The walls on the left and the right have a single, long arrow slit going across them just below eye level. To your direct left, is a door leading into the area behind the arrow slit wall. The right side having lost access to it due to the same cave in that took out the second entry door. The primary feature of the room is an immense, freestanding marble slab in the shape of an arched gate. Ancient geometric designs cover the facade and a single line splits the arched slab down the middle.

Path Gate. Standing 25′ high, 9′ wide and 1′ thick, this marble slab is almost touching the walls on each side. Pushing in the facade opens a doorway to a subspace travel system call the Path. This can function as a third method of leaving the dungeon, though the characters can easily get lost in the Path.

If a characters opens the door to the Path, read:

Pushing in the door, you see a wide, white marble path against a pitch black sky. The path weaves in around dense, gray trees that stretch far below the path to unseen roots. The branches and leaves silently sway and rustle against the eerily still air. Other, smaller doors line the path around the bend.

If the characters explore too long, or stand at the threshold talking for too long, they begin to feel like they’re being watched. The sense of urgency begins to send chills down their spines. If the characters continue to leave the doors open, describe that they now hear the wind that is rustling the leaves of the gray trees and it is increasing in intensity. If they still do not close the door, a faceless being spies on them from behind the trees.

Gray Forest. The forest is a manifestation of a creature called the Outsider. He is a creature of the Far Realm, or perhaps another universe. The Outsider has unknowable motives, but wishes to spread his influence throughout the world. While he may not actually be in gray forest at this time, the gray forest manifesting is not a good sign. If not stopped soon, he could actually begin to manifest on the Material Plane.

Treasure. The rooms beyond the arrow slits each hold 1d2 wands of the protector, and 1d4 rods of elemental force.

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