Ancient Ruins of the West Wood: The Final Stretch

Ancient Complex: Rooms 13, 14, and 1513. Major Projects Hall

The transport room empties the characters into a long hall with multiple t-intersections. Each intersection provides an opportunity for a random encounter. Roll a d20 when the characters approach an intersection. On a roll of 15 to 20, 1d6 +2 ancient skeletons. If this encounter doesn’t happen before the characters reach Room 19, have the skeletons in the north hall above that location.

Treasure. One of the skeletons is holding a parchment with Ancient script that reads “A man knows the truth of the world when watching the sun set.”

14. Failed Experiment

This room is very much like Room 3 with a similar amount of destroyed structures, if not more. The glass looking into the chamber beyond is cracked. The light crystal cluster in the larger chamber is turned on, but the marble control panels are unlit. A massive draconic skeleton lays scattered amongst the rocks in the closed off chamber.

Skeleton. A DC 18 Intelligence (Medicine/Nature) check shows that the skeleton is that of an adult blue dragon. If they succeed by 5 or more, then they also can tell that the dragon died about one thousand years ago.

Treasure. An ancient skeleton is trapped under a fallen shelving structure. In its closed hand is a parchment with Ancient script on it which reads “Justice is in the blood of a murderer.”

15. Private Lab

You enter the small chamber, and before you see the floor that is littered with Ancient, decrepit lab equipment, you are greeted by a frayed noose hanging from a light fixture. Below the hangman’s rope is a pile of bones and rags.

Skeleton. The Ancient corpse is long decayed into bone. A DC 5 Wisdom (Insight) check easily reveals that this Ancient took its own life.

Lab Equipment. The Ancient magical lab equipment in this room is decrepit at best, destroyed at worst. It looks as if the best of the lot has long since vanished. Interested characters can find up to 2d12 gp worth of equipment.

Treasure. A DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check or a DC 5 Intelligence (Investigate) check reveals 2d6 gp and a scroll amongst the Ancient bones. The scroll is contains Ancient text which reads “Mercy is unending when the sky is the limit.”

Ancient Skeletons

Use the standard skeleton statistics found in the Monster Manual, or in the Dungeon Master Basic Rules pdf, with the following modifications: +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, AC 14, Hit Points 11 (2d8 + 2).

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