Shared Void, part IV: Husk

Doctor Isaac Loftus sighed as he looked down at the remains of his creation as it melted into its natural, featureless, humanoid form. He looked up and nodded at one of the soldiers surrounding the corpse. Two of them put their guns aside and approached the body, dragging it back into the facility that it had attempted to destroy. He put his pistol back to its hiding spot behind his back as his associate entered through the double doors.

The large, ape-like creature stood at two and a quarter meters, towering over its human thralls. Its dark red fur stood in contrast with the light earth tones of the facility. It looked at the carnage in disgust.

“This scheme is beginning to feel like it isn’t worth the trouble, Loftus.” The creature’s voice rumbled deeply in the ambiance of the room.

“We’ve had our set backs, but we are getting closer, Lord Shemn’bol.” Loftus bowed to the creature as he uttered its name. “It would seem we need to tweak the memories a little more to ensure they don’t develop into full fledged personalities. Creating the perfect spy is more art than science. We need more time.” Shemn’bol huffed at the lowly human and turned back.

“Clean this mess up.” The massive beast shoved a soldier aside as it left. Loftus waited for several moments before turning to another scientist that had walked up once the commotion had settled down.

“Sir, Shemn’bol is getting suspicious.” He spoke softly, and tripped slightly on a fallen soldier as he followed Loftus beginning to head away from the scene. “How long do you think we can keep up this charade without producing a fully viable infiltrator?”

“As long as we possibly can. That was good thinking with using Commander Sato. He was a strong willed son-of-a-bitch. His memories conformed into a full fledged personality amazingly. It was perfect to stall the operation. The other two were a little disappointing.”

“We can’t keep going like this.”

“We have to. For the sake of the human race, we have to keep those ape bastards from gaining the upper hand. Or else, all is lost.”

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