Welcome to Table Fiction, the blog that blends the fiction with the games we all love to play.

The project is to create continuing works of fiction set within their own personal universe, and apply that universe to the gaming table. As you get to know the worlds and characters, you will be given the means to bring those very things into your favorite tabletop roleplaying games.

There will be three types of posts:

  1. The Fiction: These posts are straight story, complete with world building and character development.
  2. The Fluff: These posts will give you detailed information about certain elements within the story, such as fantasy race histories or sci-fi techno-babble, to enhance the experiences both in the story and at the table.
  3. The Crunch: These posts will give you all the math and technical information that you will need to bring all the elements together at your gaming table.

In order to keep the work fresh, for both myself and for you, some stories may be put on pause to bring in something else. All fiction, fluff, and crunch will be properly labelled according to their setting and story to limit confusion.


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